FlameView ST1 Gas Stove
FlameView ST1 Gas Stove

FlameView ST1 Gas Stove

This all new stove has gained the latest CE approval and features superb realism together with impressive efficiency. Probably one of the most realistic gas stoves available today


  • Large ceramic glass window
  • Modern design
  • High definition log set
  • Glowing ember fuel bed
  • Realistic flame pattern
  • Hand held remote control (TESC)
  • High efficiency. Class C
  • Low gas consumption 5.1kw input
  • 5 year guarantee (Subject to conditions)
  • Optional non reflective glass
  • Optional black reflective glass to the rear of logs creates the illusion of a much deeper fire.
  • Operates on natural gas
  • Suitable for many class 1 and class 2 chimneys subject to survey. *

* We strongly advise that the chimney / flue and any fireplace are
surveyed by a suitably qualified gas appliance installer to check
suitability before purchase.


Energy efficiency index: 82%
Direct nominal heat output high setting: 4.08kw
Direct nominal heat output low setting: 2.7kw
Gas input high setting: 5.1kw
Gas input low setting: 2.9kw